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Bugs On Fusion 3.5

jescoli posts: 41 3 stars Argentina
I've been testing some of the classic games i've played and i have some games to comment.

jescoli posts: 41 3 stars Argentina
Castlevania: Blood Lines
Graphics: Level 6: After crossing the bridge. (somebody posted this before)

Sound: (Little birds sound) when they appear.

Try this password to make it easy for you.

Ren & Stimpy's Invention
Sound: Fridge level: You go once up kill a chicken and an eye, then you fall down where you kill an eye and a chicken. Then when you start walking right to begin going up again you kill another eye and when you try to do so, the sound freezes.

posts: 5 2 stars
Sound in "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" has changed.

Stage 1 (ingame and Boss) music sounds different. I'd describe it as if 2 mono channels are mixed but 1 is either out of phase or had a flange effect added.

I will make a deeper analysis and report back.

sith-smasher posts: 328 3 stars Belgium
Maybe these sound issues are related to the ecco the dolphin charge sound being wrong in v3.5
This was reported on the Gens board.
Steve accidently had a line of code erased, let's hope it's only that...

Snake posts: 652 5 stars United_Kingdom
It will be. As I've already said, there were NO sound changes between 3.4 and 3.5 - apart from this line of code which had mysteriously been deleted.

And if somebody else mentions that level on Castlevania again, I'm going to scream.... IT...IS...SUPPOSED...TO...LOOK...LIKE...THAT!!!!!

The Ren and Stimpy thing though, yeah, I've heard about that before - forgot about it. Needs looking into.

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