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fonzie posts: 324 5 stars France
The key word for this project is "68K ASM"... So you would disassemble the game code (fortunately, it might be very easy to locate)... Then you would understand what the code do (add comments here & there)... You would edit it ... Compile it... and inject back in the ISO.

As for the tools to generate maps, speechs etc etc, if you already master the 68K ASM, it should not be a big problem for you to make a little msdos tool for that ;)

I'm not expert at all in ASM or dissassembling, I know IDA does it... Maybe some other people can help you more finding the tools.

Good luck!


I'll start off by saying that I have absolutely no experience in the type of programming I am hoping to do. I have no intentions of letting this stop me, however.

The project I wish to take on is really just a modification of an old Sega CD game, Third World War. In my opinion, this is the best game for any Sega system to date, but it has some serious flaws that hold it back. The AI is about as challenging as beating a 6 year old at chess, a serious drawback in any game. The unit models are limited and repetitive, as is the terrain. Diplomacy is fairly non-existent. The random events are repetitive and have no bearing on actual gameplay. Along with these major problems, various minor ones exist that could be easily corrected.

Now I'll get to where I need help. I need to know what the game is coded in so that I can learn how to alter it the way I need to. Once I gain the knowledge, I'll need a program that can access the existing code and make the additions/alterations. I have an emulator and a working Sega CD drive for the testing, so thats no trouble. Finally, I would need to find a program that could be used to record new voice files so that I can add them to accompany the appropriate events. See, I don't ask much :P

Heres basically what I wish to do to the game:
Improve the AI
Add new terrain maps and unit models
Add diplomatic interactions that go beyond making treaties (such as asking for troops/units to assist in defense/invasion)
Add more playable countries
Add relevant events that actually effect gameplay
Create new scenerios such as the war in Iraq
Record new voice tracks to accompany various intros and conclusions
Give the missile/bomb attacks an actual purpose
Add new technology developments

There are other things that could be done, but if I could accomplish even a majority of the above list, I would be overjoyed. I understand that, for an amateur, this is a difficult project. Thankfully, I have nothing better to do and a determination to make Third World War the truly amazing game it could be. I would appreciate any help in this pursuit.

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