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TascoDLX posts: 129 3 stars United_States
Don't know about your ADPCM algorithm, but a few other things....

move.w #$100,$a11200 ; reset it

That's not how you reset the Z80. It's a manual operation: you write #$0000, wait, then write #$0100.

move.l #$10000,d2
dbra d2,WaitLoop1

Not quite. DBRA operation is word-sized (here, D2 is #$0000). This won't loop worth a damn.

move.w #$400,d2
lea $a00800,a2
; move.b #72,(a2)+
; move.b #73,(a2)+

PlayLoop2: ;Copy 1024 Bytes
move.l (a1)+,(a2)+
dbra d2,PlayLoop2

For the correct size, the initial value of D2 for DBRA should be #$03FF. Also, the MOVE.L instruction should be a MOVE.B instruction (but you knew that wink).

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