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Help required!

Moonraker posts: 3 1 stars
Hi guys,

Seems the only decent place on the net for Tools for the Mega CD!!

Anyways, I'm currently in the process of doing a PC version of a Mega CD game, and I really need the Videos out of this game.

DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THERE IS AN EMULATOR THAT WILL RECORD VIDEOS OF GAMES??? - what i mean by this, is how you can dump a wav, you can dump an avi / mpeg etc.


The only other way I know possible, is recording through a Screen-video capture program, but I've lost the one I had, which I don't think worked anyway!

Here's hoping someone can help!

Thank you.

KanedaFr posts: 38 3 stars France
look at the right
"SegaCD Movie Viewer"

so look at the left 'Projects"
I think you will find something
If it doesn't work, contact MerliX

else, you still have the solution to record the video
I know the software Taksi for ex, freeware and capture DirectDraw? video file

Moonraker posts: 3 1 stars
Taksi doesn't work the GENS, do you know what emulator it might work with?

tomman posts: 241 3 stars Venezuela
FRAPS is good, but it only works at low resolutions, and requires a POWERFUL computer to run without braking Gens

fdarkangel posts: 59 3 stars
gens is opensource. you'll need some experience in hacking gens source code for this, though.

posts: 87 3 stars Brazil
the cd read could be compromised while saving avi, and the video could have increased size, and the game could not be working on the video as it would in reality, because of cd reading.
try to use a real Sega CD and a video card capture. but if you want to try an emulator, try the modified gens here at bisqwit forum (savestate timeattacks) (external link)

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