Gallery: Sega CD Development

You will find useful tools and documents here which will help you understand the inner workings of the Sega CD
ID Invert Sort T Filename Name Description Created / Uploaded Last Modified Creator Files Hits Actions
11 application/zip European Mega CD model 1 BIOS - Recommended Version 1.00, October 1992 (EPROM dump, recommended for emulators) 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 10768 Download
12 application/zip Japanese Mega CD model 1 BIOS - Recommended Version 1.00, December 1991 (EPROM dump, recommended for emulators) 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 7955 Download
13 application/zip American Mega CD model 1 BIOS - Recommended Version 1.10, October 1992 (EPROM dump, recommended for emulators) 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 13400 Download
14 text/plain scdpfaq_015.txt Sega CD programming FAQ (last updated: 12/06/1998) 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 3538 Download
15 application/zip decompressed Sega CD 68k BIOS (size: 1 mbit) This is the BIOS data which is decompressed by the Genesis 68k into the Sega CD 68k RAM (based on Sega CD BIOS 1.10. Not suitable for emulator usage, just suitable for programming purposes. 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 3314 Download
16 application/zip 8KB Backup cartridge (empty) This is the dump of one of the battery-backep up savegame cartridges which were used like memory cards to save additional savegames. This version is formatted, i.e. totally empty. 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 2684 Download
17 application/zip 8KB Backup cartridge (with Sonic CD US savegame) This is the the same as above, but with a Sonic CD savegame on it. 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 2889 Download
18 application/zip Datel CDX pro v1.8I (size: 0,5 mbit) This cartridge allows it to play import games on certain Sega CD machines. Works only with certain BIOS versions. 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 2886 Download
19 application/zip Datasheets... ...of the following Sega CD ICs: LH5P832 (RAM), NJM3403/4A (Amplifier), LC78815M/83K/85KM (sound chip), LC89515K (CD-ROM controller) 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 3283 Download
20 application/zip Byteswap Swaps lo/hi bytes of a file (see above) 2004/06/25 2014/04/17 Pablo 2899 Download

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