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523 application/octet-stream ASP68K6.RAR 680x0 optimizations Huge amount of optimizations for 680x0 family CPUs. Beware: TAS opt. doesn't work 7.86 KB 2007/02/09 2007/02/09 TmEE 989 Download
312 application/zip Another detailed description of the 68000 instruction set Another detailed description of the 68000 instruction set 16.15 KB 2007/02/02 2007/02/02 Eidolon 1098 Download
311 application/zip Reference of all 68000 commands Reference of all 68000 commands 2.55 KB 2007/02/02 2007/02/02 Eidolon 1286 Download
310 application/zip Object codes for the 680x0 Object codes for the 680x0 4.37 KB 2007/02/02 2007/02/02 Eidolon 1225 Download
195 application/x-zip-compressed 68k FAQ The official Motorola 68k FAQ, now converted to an html format 53.14 KB 2005/01/12 2014/04/25 DevSter 1685 Download
194 application/x-zip-compressed 68000 User's Manual This PDF contains information on pin-outs, dc+ac electrical specs, timing diagrams, etc for the 68000, handy for the hardware developer (doesn't contain any instruction info) 795.15 KB 2005/01/12 2014/04/25 DevSter 1805 Download
193 text/plain 68000REF.TXT 68000 Pocket Reference A very nice to the point instruction reference to the 68000. Also includes flag branch stats (=>, = 10.50 KB 2005/01/12 2014/04/25 DevSter 1031 Download
192 application/x-zip-compressed MC68000 Programmer's Reference Manual The 68000 programmer's reference manual in PDF from Motorola. THis is not the user's manual (doesn't contain pin-outs, electrical specs, etc) 1.25 MB 2005/01/12 2014/04/25 DevSter 2488 Download
191 application/x-zip-compressed 68k HTML 68k Instruction Set in individual HTML files 167.73 KB 2005/01/12 2014/04/25 DevSter 1926 Download

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tomman, 09:00 CEST, 2014/04/08: (Note to myself: try Fusion on Debian Jessie...)
tomman, 09:00 CEST, 2014/04/08: Twitter? Social networking? HELL NO :P
Eidolon, 11:05 CET, 2014/03/22: Good to see you around, Steve! Just installing Fusion on my new laptop to enjoy a round of Lunar The Silver Star once again :)
zyrobs, 00:32 CET, 2014/03/08: I would but I can't figure out how Twitter works. Typical Web2.0 BS, optimized for stupid people...
King, 16:59 CET, 2014/02/26: Followed!
sith-smasher, 14:46 CET, 2014/02/22: A sign of Snakey; good that you are ok man! I hope life is treating you better than before. Peace.
Snake, 06:01 CET, 2014/02/20: Everybody in the world follow me on twitter @RealSteveSnake - just because.
King, 20:57 CET, 2014/02/17: SNAKKEEEEEEEE! :D
Snake, 19:21 CET, 2014/02/16: *waves*
King, 18:49 CET, 2014/02/15: Awesome, let him know we miss him and that we're glad he's okay! :)
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