Triton Z80 Emulator
By: Michel Gerritse  on: 2011/08/04 21:11 CEST 
I've released the source code of my Zilog Z80 emulator. You can find it in the download section.

What is implemented:
- All documented / undocumented opcodes.
- All documented / undocumented flags.
- Interrupt Mode 1 (Mode 0 and 2 are not fully implemented).
- Simple to use "C" interface.
- Instruction accurate (not cycle accurate).

This emulator is able to complete the Zexall test without any errors. However, emulation bugs still might exist. If you do find some bugs, please let me know.
You are free to use this code for non commercial applications but please credit me as the original author. If you make any improvements to the code, please contact me as well.
Progress update
By: Michel Gerritse  on: 2009/09/15 22:27 CEST 
Bah, almost a year passed since I posted my last update. That doesn't mean I've not been working on this project in the meanwhile. I wish I had some more spare time, but I simply have to deal with it.

Anyway... I rewrote the video system. The old code was quick and dirty and really needed a cleanup. The new code also needs a small cleanup, but since I'm still adding features to it, this will be done at a later time. One of those features is pixel shader support. While I'm certainly not familiar with HLSL code, or created any exciting things in HLSL I guess other people can create neat stuff. That's why this shader support is plugin based.

I'm also working on a new audio system. The current subsystem uses DirectSound?, but the new one will be using XAudio2. This audio API really has some cool features like DSP processing and the abillity to create complex audio graphs. Offcourse, I want to embed those features into Triton.. making it possible to have a seperate audio stream for every emulated sound chip, running on their native clockspeed.

So that's it for now. I really need to work towards something I can release.. but because of my limited spare time, I can't give any estimations.

Ow.. I've also implemented this useless (but neat) feature:

TMS9918...alive !!
By: Michel Gerritse  on: 2008/10/15 21:53 CEST 
I've been bussy the last days implementing some of the legacy TMS9918 video modes:

I implemented the graphics I and II modes, as well as the text mode. I also included a (buggy) sprite renderer, but that one needs to be rewritten. I didn't implement the multicolor and undocumented modes as I didn't find any SMS/SG1000 games which uses these modes. If you know of any, please let me know. (Note: the SG1000 games currently run in the SMS plugin. They need their own plugin eventually)

As you can see, there is a 60 pixel border on the bottom of Triton's main window. I want to implement some controls like play/pause button, volume control etc. Baiscally something like Windows Media Player 11. However I didn't have the time and know-how yet. Information on this is very welcome.

That's it for now :)

(for older info on Triton's progress, visit the Web Log section)

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