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Pier Solar and the Great Architects

Tavern RPG was yesterday. Today is Pier Solar and the Great Architects (external link).

The Tavern RPG team has moved on; I doubt that this old homepage on the Inn will get any updates anymore. It will merely serve as a reference for the history of Pier Solar.

Head over to their new website now by clicking on the image below:


Hello friends of Eidolon's Inn,
this is the home of a project that was born in our Message Board: The Tavern!

As many of you may know, Eidolon's Inn is one of the largest, if not THE largest Sega programming resource available on the net. This is why many emulator authors and amateur game developers come here to seek for answers and share their knowledge in the Tavern.

Somehow the regular members of our message board came up with the idea to make a game for a Sega platform. Most votes were for an RPG, and so the Tavern RPG project was born.

Right here on this very site we will describe the project, the progress and how to join our team.

Feel free to discuss here : (external link) :)

Help Needed

Did you always dream making an RPG during the 16 bit era? This is your great chance to become part of the history, by joining TRPG Team.

Our team is composed by skilled graphic designers, programmers, music composers and strory writers, but there is still a place for you!

Now that Tavern RPG will enter in the game development mode, we will need people to help with the map designs, game script, storyboards and conceptual art drawings, sound fx creators, ideas for side quests and much, much more.

So if you are interested, don't loose any time and contact Fonzie or me (TulioAdriano) using the private message system of Eidolons-Inn? or leave your message on the Tavern RPG message board.

What's new?

Happy new year and a surprise from Watermelon!   (Tulio Adriano, 2012-01-15T23:59:00.000-06:00)
First things first: happy new year everyone, hope you've had a great holiday. Now, onto the important stuff.

WaterMelon is back, stronger than ever. We have a lot of stuff going on, of which some will be explained in detail very soon!

First of all, we're introducing 
:WM's Magical Game FactoryThe place to find all things made by Watermelon. That's where you can purchase all Watermelon products that are coming this year.

:OTo start big, the REPRINT is back! Orders for the REPRINT edition of Pier Solar with English, German and French are now open and available for immediate shipping. We also opened preorders for the REPRINT edition of Pier Solar with English, Spanish and Portuguese, attending the high demand. 

Preorders are also open for the Pier Solar Definitive Original Soundtrack. It includes four discs, including the full Mega-CD/Sega CD soundtrack, a bonus CD with unused tracks and re-arranged tracks, as well as mp3s and VGM files. The fourth disc is nothing less than the Enhanced Soundtrack Disc which was included with the classic and posterity editions. That's right, now reprint buyers can get their official Enhanced Soundtrack Disc as well!

That is all for now!
Now, please register, get 50 Gems FREE,
spend them, order, pre-order and don't forget to have fun!

Best wishes,

Quick update on the new run.   (Zebbe, 2011-11-02T01:48:00.003-05:00)

The new run has arrived in USA. You can order a reprint edition copy of Pier Solar of your own very soon. Please stay tuned!

Best wishes,

/Zebbe of WaterMelon
New reprint edition run on the way!   (Zebbe, 2011-09-15T11:48:00.002-05:00)
Yes, you read correctly. Another production run of the reprint edition of Pier Solar and the Great Architects is on the way. This time, we won't have pre-orders, so the game will ship ASAP after the game is paid for. We aim to start orders around October or November, but, as usual, nothing is certain at the moment. More news will follow soon!

/The WaterMelon? team

PS. This is our 100th blog post. Woohoo! DS.
Martin shows hs new toy! The White Element Pier Solar Sega Nomad!!!   (Zebbe, 2011-07-26T09:27:00.006-05:00)
Dear you!

Perhaps you remember the contest we had a few months ago, which had a special custom made Sega Nomad as the prize? No? OK, whatever. Here, the winner Martin (who traveled all around the world showing off our game - see a previous blog entry) presents his precious:

As you can see, it looks totally awesome, all thanks to the brilliant mind of Fonzie, Pier Solar programmer and producer. But, that is not all. The screen is also replaced with a less battery sucking one by Tiido, Pier Solar sound programmer and hardware designer.

Soon, we have news.

Best regards,

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon? team
The future of Pier Solar   (Zebbe, 2011-07-22T15:08:00.002-05:00)
Dear fans of Pier Solar,

Every day, we get emails from people who wishes to buy our game. We are very thankful and honoured for that! Previously, we had decided not to produce more copies of Pier Solar for various reasons. But not long ago, we were given an offer we can't refuse. So Pier Solar's reprint edition may be available again in the near future. However, nothing is certain. We'll let you know when there is more information to be had.

Best regards,

/The WaterMelon? team

-(2008-01-14) - (external link) new website launched with official game name
-(2007-10-29) - Our teaser is finally out. Watch it here (external link)!
-(2007-09-14) - Interview with the development team on Sega-16 Tavern RPG Team Interview by Sega-16's Zebbe (external link)
-(2007-08-09) - Added the screenshots from the demo, soon to come! cool
-(2007-07-16) - Plot redesign finished. Now starting to script the demo!
-Just refreshed a bit the page, for future update :D

Screenshots of the week :)

The Tavern RPG (PUBLIC)

Below are the sections of the project:

Screen Shots


The whole project belongs to The Tavern comunity, all regulars and our admins.
This site is manteined by Fonzie and Tulio Adriano.

Contributors to this page: TulioAdriano , Uber-Pablo , Pablo and Eidolon .
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