Kega Fusion Mac Tutorial

  • Download the latest Kega Fusion Mac release and unpack the file to your "/Applications" folder (you might need to enter an administrators password to copy the file there)
  • Download the Sega CD/Mega CD BIOS files:
  • Unpack the BIOS files to "~/Library/Application Support/Kega Fusion"
  • Optional: Download the Render Plugins for Mac and unpack them to "~/Library/Application Support/Kega Fusion/Plugins" folder
  • Launch Kega Fusion from your Applications Folder.

Playing games
  • Sega CD/Mega CD: Load a CUE-Sheet referring to a BIN/ISO of a Sega CD/Mega CD game.
  • Cartridge based systems: Load a dump by selecting the appropriate system from the file entry in the menu bar.

Using plugins
If you installed the render plugins simply go to "Video -> Render Plugin" in the menu bar and select a plugin of your choice.

Kega Fusion doesn't require you to install nor the Genesis/Mega Drive nor the 32x BIOS to run games for these systems as Kega has all the necessary routines implemented to emulate these systems without the BIOS files. If you do however insist, you can load these files and Kega will use them to emulate the systems.

Right now Kega Fusion for the Mac only supports BIN/ISO files and CUE-Sheets. So in order for your games to play you'll have to use an application like Disk Util (located in your "/Applications/Utilities" folder) or Roxio Toast to rip your games.

WinAGES Tutorial

If you want to play Sega CD games using WinAGES you need the following files:

  • The emulator itself
  • ASPI. This is a special interface for accessing the PC's CD drive. It is available here. Your system needs to be restarted after installing it.
  • The Sega CD BIOS files. They are available here
  • The Genesis OS ROM, available here
  • The 32X BIOS files, available here

And of course:
  • Sega CD games. We do not know any sites carrying ISO images.


Getting started

After you have downloaded all the necessary files above, unpack everything into a newly created directory. Then start the emulator. The first thing you need to do is to specify all the System ROMs, so get familiar with the options. If you have downloaded all files from the above links, the file mapping for the system ROMs is as follows:

  • Genesis = Genesis_OS_ROM.bin
  • 32X Master SH2 = 32X_M_BIOS.BIN
  • 32X Slave SH2 = 32X_S_BIOS.BIN
  • 32X M68000 = 32X_G_BIOS.BIN
  • Sega CD (U) = scd_110.bin
  • Sega CD (J) = mcd_101.bin
  • Sega CD (E) = mcd2_200.bin

Now, your emu should be set up to play Genesis, 32X and Sega CD games.

Playing the games

You can either play a game directly from CD, or you can play it from an ISO image. To do the first, simply insert the Sega CD game CD into your default CD drive and start your emulator. All you need to do now is to select "File" - "Boot Sega CD". If you want to play from an ISO image, select "File" - "Load ROM" (don't forget to set the file type to Sega CD) and specify the ISO image.

Depending on the game's country, the well-known American or European startup screen is shown - press start, and the game starts loading. Upon inserting a Japanese game a startup screen with a blue sky should display.

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