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Welcome, fellow Sega™ gamer!

Welcome to SegaBase™, the world's first online database completely devoted to the videogame systems and products of Sega Corporation. Our goal is to be the TV Guide™ for Sega's videogame consoles, along the same lines that the world-famous TurboGuide? is for the NEC Turbo GraphX/16. We hope you enjoy your visit with us, because we have a lot to offer that cannot be found elsewhere.

There are sites dedicated to videogame cheats, specific consoles and games, general-purpose Sega information, emulator programming, and even those infamous "ROM" or "ISO" sites lurking about the landscape - but nowhere else will you find a detailed history and game-by-game breakdown for every major arcade and home videogame system that Sega has vended over the years up to the present, and all in one place.

Please enjoy your visit and do come again!

Please note: This website (Eidolon's Inn) is the official homepage of SegaBase, with the latest and most complete SegaBase version. It also is the prime website where this set of articles is maintained and updated over time.

If you like it, after your reading you are invited to The Tavern - this website's discussion forums - to enjoy a virtual beer and discuss Sega's console legacy.

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SegaBase and Eidolon's Inn News

SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works
By: Eidolon  on: 2013/11/13 17:06 CET 
I don't know if anyone is still reading here - but if there is, I think the following Kickstarter project might be of interest!

SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works (external link)

The ultimate retrospective of the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. A documentary art book by Read-Only? Memory.

SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works (セガ メガド ライブ/ジェネシス:作品集成) will be the definitive volume on the landmark console. The book is officially licensed by SEGA and celebrates the 25th anniversary of the console’s release. It will be an unparalleled treasury of production artwork, interviews, development sketches and hardware manufacturing plans.
The Inn 2013 and beyond
By: Eidolon  on: 2012/12/29 20:37 CET 
Dear Eidolon's Inn user,

I would like to let you know that the website in it's current form will be deactivated very soon, including all user accounts. I just don't have the spare time anymore to keep it up-to-date, neither from a technology nor from a content point of view.

However, it will *hopefully* not be the end of the website altogether. There is too much content which deserves to be preserved, such as
- Steve Snake's Kega emulator community
- Sam Pettus' SegaBase stories
- The Tavern community & community history (e.g. Tavern RPG -> Pier Solar)

So I will start the year 2013 by thinking of how to completely re-do the website from scratch. This is two-fold, technology and content.

1) Technology
It turns out that my 2004 choice - re-doing Eidolon's Inn with the complex TikiCMS system, was a dead-end. With my little spare time, I can't keep up with maintaining such a complex CMS. So the new CMS of choice will most likely be WordPress?, if it has a decent forum/BBS plugin. Because of this switch of technology, it will not be possible to migrate content and user accounts directly.

2) Content
Apart from the above-mentioned items, what else do you think MUST be migrated to the new website?

I would appreciate your feedback on this!

Moreover, if you have more spare time than me and would like to get a more active role in the "New Inn", please let me know!

Please head over to the Tavern to discuss this and contribute.

Thanks for your time,
Print and Digital Editions of SegaBase - The Rise and Fall of SEGA
By: Eidolon  on: 2012/09/04 20:44 CEST 
Fellow Eidolon's Inn regular lightofhonor prepared print and kindle copies of all the SegaBase history writings from The Scribe. Enjoy!

Kindle: (external link) (external link)

Print: (external link) (external link)
Use coupon code TCSC3MSM to save 20% on the print edition. Print edition contains all new HQ images!

If you are a Amazon Prime member you can check out the book free and buy the print here with free shipping (external link) (external link)
M.U.L.E. Kickstarter campaign
By: Eidolon  on: 2012/06/15 00:33 CEST 
As you know, I'm not only the webmaster of the Inn, but also from the World of M.U.L.E. (external link)

Today, a Kickstarter campaign has started to revive M.U.L.E. for a modern gaming audience. Spread the word and back the campaign if you like to see that happen! It would be a great tribute to the iconic 1983 Atari/C64 M.U.L.E. game for it's 30th anniversary next year.

Head on over to any of those links here to see the details:

Announcement on website (external link)
Kickstarter campaign direct link (external link)

And if you wonder what the "secret designs" could be which are mentioned in the Kickstarter project, you could head over here (external link) and see what Dan Bunten had in mind for the (unfortunately never released) version of M.U.L.E. for the Sega Genesis.
Some changes to this website
By: Eidolon  on: 2012/05/31 10:13 CEST 
As many may have noticed, the Inn has been overrun by spam bots. In order to solve the problem, this site needs a complete overhaul. Until that has happened, I had to disable the registration of new users, and some other site features such as commenting. Already registered users can still use the site as usual. Sorry guys! Don't know when the overhaul will take place... Isn't there a site anniversary coming up? (15 years, wow...) :-)

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Mike Dunstun, aka "Atani"
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Sam Pettus aka "the Scribe"
Steve Snake

Special Acknowledgements
Chris Foulger
Joe Miller
Eric Quakenbush

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