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Here, there should be a short general overview of Sega consoles, then links to the seperate console pages.
All the old site's Sega content can be accessed here.

Sega content

The percentage before the link is the percentage of completion in migrating the content from the OldInn to the NewInn. This will only be here until all the old content has been migrated and solely new content is created.

100% 32x - Pablo
_95% Sega CD - Pablo
_40% Dreamcast - PrOfUnD_Darkness
_30% Game Gear - PrOfUnD_Darkness, Develin
100% Genesis - Fonzie
_99% Master System - PrOfUnD_Darkness, Develin
__1% Saturn - Gerrie, Tomman
__0% SG1000 and SC3000 - Develin

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tomman, 09:00 CEST, 2014/04/08: (Note to myself: try Fusion on Debian Jessie...)
tomman, 09:00 CEST, 2014/04/08: Twitter? Social networking? HELL NO :P
Eidolon, 11:05 CET, 2014/03/22: Good to see you around, Steve! Just installing Fusion on my new laptop to enjoy a round of Lunar The Silver Star once again :)
zyrobs, 00:32 CET, 2014/03/08: I would but I can't figure out how Twitter works. Typical Web2.0 BS, optimized for stupid people...
King, 16:59 CET, 2014/02/26: Followed!
sith-smasher, 14:46 CET, 2014/02/22: A sign of Snakey; good that you are ok man! I hope life is treating you better than before. Peace.
Snake, 06:01 CET, 2014/02/20: Everybody in the world follow me on twitter @RealSteveSnake - just because.
King, 20:57 CET, 2014/02/17: SNAKKEEEEEEEE! :D
Snake, 19:21 CET, 2014/02/16: *waves*
King, 18:49 CET, 2014/02/15: Awesome, let him know we miss him and that we're glad he's okay! :)
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