Hello, and welcome everyone to the home of the Eidolon's Inn Wiki. What the hell is this? Just follow the link to get a more detailed explanation. In short, WikiWiki is an innovative system for writing and managing content. Multiple authors can work on articles ("wiki entries"), and the system takes care of tracking the history of articles, cross-linking them and "jumping" on new keywords to create new content. For this, Eidolon's Inn uses the TikiWiki implementation as the site's backbone, which comes with many features in addition to the "pure" wiki system.

Why did I choose this for the Inn? Well I thought that the system I used on the old version of Eidolon's Inn (see OldInn) over the previous six years just isn't usable and modern enough anymore. In case you didn't know it, I wrote all the pages myself, mostly using Notepad or later on simple HTML editors like the built-in editor of Netscape. This is totally unsuitable if more than one person is adding content to a website.

Well, here is the Inn's main content - you can also navigate this using the menus in the site's left column. The percentage before the link is the percentage of completion in migrating the content from the OldInn to the NewInn. This will only be here until all the old content has been migrated and solely new content is created.

Sega Consoles

100% 32x - Pablo
_95% Sega CD - Pablo
_40% Dreamcast - PrOfUnD_Darkness
_30% Game Gear - PrOfUnD_Darkness, Develin
100% Genesis - Fonzie
_99% Master System - PrOfUnD_Darkness, Develin
__1% Saturn - Gerrie, Tomman
__0% SG1000 and SC3000 - Develin


100% Kega - Snake
100% Triton - Gerrie
100% Tavern RPG - Metalix, Tulio, Fonzie, Sundog2k2, Admiral JonB
100% SegaBase
__1% GoodSegaCD, GoodSaturn - Eidolon
_10% Dreamcast Digest
100% EidolonTranslationGroup - Eidolon, rofolforg, gamer_boy
__0% EmulationFAQ2000?
_90% SegaCD MultiBIOS - Arakon
__0% SpecialFeatures?
100% BasiEgaXorz - DevSter
100% SegaCD Movie Viewer - Merlix
100% Toms Wacky Workbench - Tomman

The Inn needs people who contribute to the site and migrate content! Please contact us in the Tavern if you'd like to help. Please note that all of Eidolon's Inn's old content is still available here, but will be migrated and then vanish over the course of time, hopefully with all your help.

Inn Staff

Who are the people who make this site what it is? You'll get to know that on the SiteCredits page.

A Note To Our Authors...

...especially the new ones. TikiWiki uses a very simple, but also very powerful system to edit the content and link wiki pages. It also separates text content and layout from embedded images and downloadable files.
For all authors of the Inn, I have begun writing a quick tutorial here: InnContentTutorial. Every author of this site should read it before adding or editing content on this site. The current version is very rough and preliminary, summarising my learning curve with TikiWiki. I hope that all authors will update this with tips, tricks and best practices during the course of time.

A Note To Our Admins

Please keep track of TikiWiki files you have changed (scripts, templates etc.) here: InnTikiWikiModifications.


Inn Home - just to make not a poor orphaned page... ;-)

Contributors to this page: Eidolon , Uber-Eidolon and Pablo .
Page last modified on Thu 17 of Jan., 2008 21:35:09 CET by Eidolon.

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tomman, 09:00 CEST, 2014/04/08: Twitter? Social networking? HELL NO :P
Eidolon, 11:05 CET, 2014/03/22: Good to see you around, Steve! Just installing Fusion on my new laptop to enjoy a round of Lunar The Silver Star once again :)
zyrobs, 00:32 CET, 2014/03/08: I would but I can't figure out how Twitter works. Typical Web2.0 BS, optimized for stupid people...
King, 16:59 CET, 2014/02/26: Followed!
sith-smasher, 14:46 CET, 2014/02/22: A sign of Snakey; good that you are ok man! I hope life is treating you better than before. Peace.
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King, 20:57 CET, 2014/02/17: SNAKKEEEEEEEE! :D
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King, 18:49 CET, 2014/02/15: Awesome, let him know we miss him and that we're glad he's okay! :)
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