Eidolon's Inn

Toejam jammin' Welcome to the old home of Eidolon's Inn and Steve Snake's Kega Fusion emulator for Sega consoles.

July 5th 2014
"Eidolon's Inn is dead - long live Eidolon's Inn!"

Today, Eidolon's Inn and Steve Snake's Kega Fusion have moved to their new home on Carpe Ludum.
Please update your bookmarks accordingly:
Today marks the foundation of my new hobby website: "Carpe Ludum - Seize the game!".

Carpe Ludum is intended to become a community for "gourmet gamers" - gamers who only have limited time to spare on that hobby,
and would like to focus this time only on the best games ever produced. "Life's too short to play bad games!"
If you can identify yourself with this idea, you're welcome to join the community.
I am also looking for co-authors who help create this new community by choosing worthwhile games and writing articles about them.

At the same time, I am sad to announce that, also today, I mothballed the "old" Eidolon's Inn.
After 17 years, the website grew too big, too old, too time-consuming for me to maintain, partly also due to the old web technology it was based on.

However, there is a silver lining: I have preserved a full copy of Eidolon's Inn just before I mothballed it.
Over time, some of the best content of the Inn will re-emerge in a dedicated section on my new website "Carpe Ludum".
However, you know how much content there was on Eidolon's Inn... I could really use some help with that. If you're interested in the
task, please register on Carpe Ludum, head over to The Tavern (yes, that's not dead either!) and contact me.
Of course, I'm registered there as Eidolon.

Now, head over to Carpe Ludum and have a look! And if you like it, please register and become a part of the new community.

Best regards,
July 5th 2014