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Hello, my name is David, aka DGM.

I like old 8-bit/16-bit video-games, like NES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis and so on.
So I decided to start making my (virtual) own. I will call it Jaguar. Hey, I just like this name, and it has nothing to do with Atari Jaguar. :)

Jaguar is a virtual hardware of a gaming console, consisting on an 4-bit microprocessor with a very reduced instruction set, video, sound and input controller.

I planned all this stuff based on my studies around other vintage video-games, like NES and Sega Genesis. But it is a totally "new thing".
Neither I have the pretension of making it like would do a hardware engineer, nor I could. I'm just trying to do it just as "real" as possible.

This project ended being my final paper for my graduation course.

Jaguar is a 4-bit virtual handheld game system

It has a hypothetical 4-bit microprocessor with mini instruction set, only 16 instructions, and 8 bytes of RAM. Its ROM cannot exceed 2048 bytes. And it runs at a clock of 14.8kHz.

The JG40

JG40 is the name of the hypothetical microprocessor of the Jaguar console.
Here you can see all of its specs and instruction set: JG40 Specs



Jaguar Games

Jan Ken Pon:

SKI Madness:

SHOT Madness:

Other Stuff

To come.

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