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The reason why I set up this page (and finally, why the ETG has been founded) is that I am a great fan of japanese games, especially Role Playing Games. But unfortunately, many of those games were released in Japan only, with no American translation in sight (and now that the Genesis is "dead", "official" translations won´t be done any more by the game companies). The only way for European and American players to enjoy those games are "freak" translations as they have been done (and very successfully done!) for Japanese Super Famicom (Super NES) games by groups like RPGe and DeJap?. No similar group existed that concentrated their efforts on Mega Drive translation - until the ETG had been founded.

In recent years, a lot of Chinese "rogue" Mega Drive game developments have found the way to the western world in form of ROM images as well, which are worth translating. Best example here is "Beggar Prince", which even found a commercial translation and release as an actual game cartridge.

Who are we?

Currently, we are:

rodolforg? - Surging Aura translator and Genesis programmer
simon? - Surging Aura translator
gamer_boy? - maintainer of this Inn section

and to a very small extent Eidolon - Inn Godfather ;-)

Active ETG translation projects

Completed game translations by others

Translation patch downloads (IPS): (121.39 Kb) (50.22 Kb) (56.04 Kb) (199.50 Kb)
Phantasy_Star_2_Naflign' (9.87 Kb) (14.40 Kb) (275 b) (27.93 Kb)

Discontinued translation projects

todo: add tool and ROM downloads

Other translation projects with tools

Site Proggeto del Traduzione Landstalker (external link)
Translating into Italian, (external link) Portuguese (external link) and Swedish (external link).

todo: add more projects and tools informations

Japanese Mega Drive game candidates for translation

Old Links

[ Games A-O ] [ Games P-Z ]

todo: add screenshots.
todo: make new poll to find out which game is "most wanted" to be translated.

Japanese Mega CD game candidates for translation


Chinese Mega Drive game candidates of translation

  • to be added by gamer_boy?
  • ...

Chinese Mega CD game candidates of translation

todo: research, are there any?

Information about OLD ETG


Contributors to this page: gamer_boy and Eidolon .
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