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CrazyBus is a simple Genesis/MD game inspired on... buses. You can choose from between 5 buses, from famous brazilian, venezuelan, and spanish brands, and... simply move from here to there. Maybe someday it will do more, like real races, two player split screen, etc... Also it comes bundled with some nice 16-color pics of REAL buses, for enjoy on your Genesis! (WARNING: untested on the real thing. Can anyone do that and provide photos?). Music classified as "Mass Destruction Weapon" and "Torture Instrument" by YouTube(tm).
Developed under BasiEgaXorz, this code may be useful for newbies.

Some images:





Get ROM plus sourcecode (V2.0, 2.7MB) (external link) Or just grab the ROM (344KB) (external link) (mirrors: ROM (external link) - SRC (external link))

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