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For those of you not familiar with the work "BasiEgaXorz", it is a BASIC compiler made for developing Sega Genesis games, apps, and anything else. BasiEgaXorz was created by Joseph Norman (aka Devster) using simple visual basic. It all started out as a simple idea "I think i'm gonna create a basic compiler today" on irc. Now after months of coding, it is now packed full of features, and is fast as ever.

Here's some of the features BasiEgaXorz has:
- Integer/Long data types
- Simple arithmetic operators
- Simple I/O, joypad and text formatting eg. Print
- Tiles and Sprites manipulation
- PSG sound implementation
- Direct in-line assembly
- Sega CD support
- A strong expression parser
- Very speedy compilation, and source is directly compiled to assembly
- etc. etc. etc.

This programmers tool can be downloaded from (external link)

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