Sega 32X related news

Minor facelifts to the 32X pages
By: Christian Schiller  on: 2007/01/21 23:37 CET 
I updated the pages to display the 32X file categories directly, and removed the Links page (which is covered by the Tiki Link Directory already). Still so much to do though... E.g. upload the pile of technical docs from my harddisk...
Some updates
By: Pablo  on: 2004/11/15 19:12 CET 
Hi all, I eventually integrated a news system to this section, updated some info here and there.
Status update
By: Pablo  on: 2004/07/17 19:17 CEST 
Added the following pages: Top 10, System Info, Resources, Development.

- Emulator Page needs update with Fusion!
Content Migration
By: Pablo  on: 2004/06/28 19:16 CEST 
Started working on 32x page... Nothing here yet really, just the emus...

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tomman, 09:00 CEST, 2014/04/08: Twitter? Social networking? HELL NO :P
Eidolon, 11:05 CET, 2014/03/22: Good to see you around, Steve! Just installing Fusion on my new laptop to enjoy a round of Lunar The Silver Star once again :)
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