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All Things Sega
This is the main board, the heart of the Tavern. Everything concerning Sega games and emulation can be discussed. But please, no ROM or ISO requests.
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Re: Buy the Print and Kindle Edition of SegaBase! by bradwart
Hardware Mods
Ask questions about Sega hardware modifications such as 50/60Hz, MultiBIOS etc.
103 538 0.15 2013/08/14 14:14 CEST
Re: Re: SEGA CD RAM CART 2011 by Fix_Metal
Kega Fusion
Please use this forum to discuss Steve Snake's Sega emulator named "Kega Fusion". Questions, feedback and feature requests welcome.
944 4688 1.48 2014/03/22 11:17 CET
Aw: Re: Cannot enable sound in Kega-Fusion after installing KDE by Eidolon
Board for everything not really related with emulation and games.
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Re: The Inn 2013 and beyond by bloodyroses
Pier Solar aka. Tavern RPG
We want to create a warm and cosy place for us all. A place where our spirits materialize! Everything regarding the Tavern RPG goes here!
15 147 0.04 2010/02/15 10:14 CET
Aw: Music, ASIC for carts and copyright clean PCM by Pablo
Software Development
Get down to the bits&bytes of every Sega console. All discussions about programming the Sega consoles go here.
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Re: Just got a Sega Teradrive by MERLiX

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tomman, 09:00 CEST, 2014/04/08: (Note to myself: try Fusion on Debian Jessie...)
tomman, 09:00 CEST, 2014/04/08: Twitter? Social networking? HELL NO :P
Eidolon, 11:05 CET, 2014/03/22: Good to see you around, Steve! Just installing Fusion on my new laptop to enjoy a round of Lunar The Silver Star once again :)
zyrobs, 00:32 CET, 2014/03/08: I would but I can't figure out how Twitter works. Typical Web2.0 BS, optimized for stupid people...
King, 16:59 CET, 2014/02/26: Followed!
sith-smasher, 14:46 CET, 2014/02/22: A sign of Snakey; good that you are ok man! I hope life is treating you better than before. Peace.
Snake, 06:01 CET, 2014/02/20: Everybody in the world follow me on twitter @RealSteveSnake - just because.
King, 20:57 CET, 2014/02/17: SNAKKEEEEEEEE! :D
Snake, 19:21 CET, 2014/02/16: *waves*
King, 18:49 CET, 2014/02/15: Awesome, let him know we miss him and that we're glad he's okay! :)
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