Volume 5 - Sega/Mega/Super 32X/CD 32X

by Sam Pettus (aka "the Scribe")

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Author:  Capcom
Vendor:  Capcom
Genre:  fighting
Players:  1 to 2
Release:  unreleased - scheduled for 1995 (JU)

Premise:  History's most feared monsters and mutants are bolting from the arcade in search of a dark arena for their next midnight fight for supremacy.  Victor's coming over with his shocking Thunderstrike.  Felicia's tracking in plenty of dirt for her Litterbox Kick.  Bishamon is swing by his razor-slashing Divider.  All the evil powers and devastating moves of the ten Dark Stalkers you've come to fear are headed your way, along with hidden special moves, mid-air blocks, and super fatal blows to make your [system] smoke. So leave a light on for the Dark Stalkers ... and take down your father's bowling trophies.  Raptor's Flying Saw Blade has been slicing a little wierd lately.  Dark Stalkers, welcome home! (Capcom ad copy)

Comments:  Another one of the early announced titles at the 1994 Summer CES, Capcom stated that they planned to release a 32X port once the Saturn port was completed.  Of course, the 32X died long before the Saturn did, which means that the planned 32X port never happened.  It appears to have been cancelled in May of 1995 during the large-scale bailout of 32X third-party developers that took place around that time.  How far the game got before it was cancelled is currently unknown.

Rating:  N/A

Variants:  This would have been a port of the original arcade game, the first in a series that is known in Japan under the Vampire Savior franchise title.  It was eventually released for Saturn, PlayStation, and Dreamcast.

Sidebars:  Vampire Savior is yet another of Capcom's popular franchise titles.  Characters from the series have made and continue to make cameos in other Capcom fighting and action titles for other platforms.


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