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July 01    I added a nice demo written by Charles Mac Donald, called "STETEST2" which displays some more than the usual 64 colors on your Genesis' screen. Try it out, it's rather fun to play with it!
May 01    Not much new to report except that the Emulation FAQ is no longer to be found on this page, but on a seperate one. I have added a new little ROM written by Flavio, called "FM Edit". Try it out, it's rather fun to play with it!
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ROM downloads
There are currently 23 ROMs available for download. As you can see, there are many fan-made titles available for download. If you're interested in programming the Genesis, you should check out the Development page of this site's Genesis section, there are also some links to fan developer's homepages.

You wonder why there are only public domain titles available for download here?
Read The Scribe's Emulation FAQ!

This is an early attempt of converting the SNES game "Bastard" to the Genesis, programmed by Kaneda.
An almost "ancient" top-view action game. Comparable to the Vectrex version. Programmed by Paul Lee.
Beyond Zero Tolerance
A big thanks to Technopop who decided to release the never commercially released sequel of the ego-shooter "Zero Tolerance" into Public Domain.
Censor 3D Demo
Only works in DGen. This is a collection of some of Censor´s old C64 graphics.
Censor Intro
The well-known Censor intro
Censor Movie Trailer Demo
Some blocky movie excerpts
Censor Smiley Face Demo
nice to watch demo with some neat effects
Eidolon's Inn Commercial #1
A small demo advertising my site. Written by me.
Flavio's Test Picture
Simply displays an Indian. Nothing more, nothing less.
A funny little program written by Flavio which can be used to create sound effects.
Flavio's utility, merged with a GYM file created by Genecyst or Megasis, lets you play GYM sounds on the emulators (preferrably Genecyst or DGen) or even on the real machine.
This is a preview of Zyrinx's game "Red Zone"
Hentai Collection #1
Some Japanese chicks. Don't download if under 18.
This little program, written by Flavio, displays some six-button joypad information on screen.
Jump'n'Run v1.2
An early attempt of programming a platform game, programmed by Kaneda.
Magical Christmas Greetings Demo
Only download if it's the 24th of December, or your emulator will explode
This is an early version of a multiplayer game, programmed by Kevin Banks
This game was inspired by a C64 game of long ago - Galactic Empire. Programmed by Kevin Banks
Racing Demo
- description pending -
Roadwar 2000
Jason Meehan's game project is a vertically scrolling racing game
A nice Galaga clone programmed by Bill Eubanks
Shadow/Highlight Test Program #2
Display 183 colors simulataneously on a Genesis screen; written by Charles Mac Donald.
Some action game; didn't get it (might not be fully playable)
Zero Tolerance
Technopop released this superb ego-shooter (well, for Genesis standards) into the Public Domain. Big cheers to them for that move!
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