Welcome to the 32X development section of Eidolon's Inn! You will find useful tools and documents on this page which will help you understand the inner workings of the 32X. If you have further questions, you should ask them in The Tavern - there's some folk around which can help you.

   In addition to the files available on this page, I have lots of other official documents which could not be uploaded here because of their size. If you are interested in them, please mail me.
Development Tools

File description
32X BIOS files
This archives contains all three BIOS files of the 32X, needed e.g. by the AGES emulator.
SH disassembler v19991206
Written by Flavio, this is the recommended disassembler.
Saturn-Day SH disassembler v0.1.0
An older disassembler, written by Duddie.
General Hitachi documentation
HTML SH2 documentation
Official Hitachi SH-1/SH-2 Programming Manual
Official Hitachi SH7604 Hardware Manual
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Emulation FAQ 2000
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